A Statement of Libertarian Principles

by Sam Grove
Libertarianism is a political ideology that supports a maximum of individual liberty and thus, a minimum of government. Libertarians hold that every individual owns his/her own life and consequently, the right to live it free from regulation or interference by others.

The only functions of government permissible in a libertarian social order is to place limits on human behavior so as to prevent people from harming each other (in extension of each individuals right to defend his/her life and property from harm by others).

Libertarianism is anti-collectivist and anti-fascist.

Most people are libertarian in their interpersonal behavior, but when they enter a voting booth, things are different.

The norm our society is that there is one set of rules for the government and another set of rules for everyone else.

Personal Observations

It is this discrepancy between personal and political behavior that lies at the heart of many or our social ills. One of the functions of political power is to allow humans to engage in immoral behavior without immediate and direct consequence.
What does that mean?
It means that we are disconnected from the consequences of our collective political choices.  It seems that, as a nation, we can do no wrong, because there's no one big enough to spank us for bad choices.  Unfortunately, reality eventually gives us the bad consequences, but because they are delayed or displaced, we lose the connection between action and consequence.  We choose without comprehending the consequences and so keep getting bad results.
I realize this is a general statement, but it really is difficult to impart comprehension of the impact of political action upon the complex system of society and market.  This is just to get started.

Try this link to "The World's Smallest Political Quiz" and see just where you currently lie on the two dimensional political spectrum. <

Sam Grove