April 8-10 2007 Marianne emailed with the idea of the two families meeting somewhere between us and spending a few days together. The location that won was Kings Canyon National Park.
As you can see, the park, and its neighbor, Sequoia National Park, are both beautiful and the weather, though a bit chilly, was very good.

We visited the General Sherman tree in Sequoia, and the General Grant tree which was near the lodge we stayed in. We also climbed the stairs at Moro Rock; this is a 300+ foot climb at an altitude of over 6,000 feet.

Those of you with Google Earth can enter the following coordinates: 3632'35.00"N 11845'53.00"W to get a vivid impression of this spectacular geographic feature.

Bonus: the last image is a hand assembled vertical pan of the General Sherman tree. this tree is a good subject for this as one can view the entire tree from a distance.